Month: February 2014


ZettaSolutions, Inc. are specialized in financial systems, enterprise publishing and content management solutions, we create opportunities for our clients for business sustainability and to maximize the return on their technology investment. Whether working with technical manuals or scientific journals, our proven analysis and development methodologies enable us to quickly and cost effectively integrate our clients’ business intelligence with their business strategy. Recognized as experts in the information technology consultancy and development industry, our people help clients create the best solution for each situation. From design and architecture to development and integration, our experience in implementing proven technologies based on open, reusable components ensures that our clients fully leverage their existing information infrastructure.

As a business, Zetta-Solutions, Inc. delivers innovation that matters for our clients. As a global enterprise, we value innovation that matters for our company and for the world. Zetta-Solutions corporate citizenship reflects both our brand and our values by addressing some of society’s most complex problems with game-changing business and technology innovation.

We helps development managers track metrics for unit testing results, test coverage, and coding standards on a per project, per team, and per developer basis to boost quality throughout the application lifecycle.